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The Benefits Of Varying Your Exercise Regime

Pretty much everyone knows that it’s really difficult to lose weight unless you exercise regularly and eat well. However if you only focus on your diet then it may be possible for you to lose some weight but ultimately, it will be difficult to keep the weight off. Maybe you’re one of those unfortunate people who start out with good intentions and embark on a rigourous exercise program but give up just a few weeks into it – which is never long enough to see any real benefits. If you find yourself in this situation, then hopefully the following tips will help you to discover the kind of exercise that you actually enjoy doing which will of course help your weight loss efforts immensely.

It’s important to realise that gyms aren’t for everyone. Many people find the exercises too repetitive and quickly get bored with them. Of course, this leads you to give up and start doing something more interesting instead. If you’re one of these people then, the simple fact is you’d better off taking part in some can of sporting activity that you enjoy. Of course, it helps if the sport is effective at burning calories. So, can you think of any exercises you enjoyed as a kid? Is there a particular sport you’ve always wanted try? Perhaps it’s playing tennis, mixed martial arts, or even something fun like bouncing on the trampoline. The fact is, if you enjoy it you dont think of it as exercise, but rather as having some fun.

One simple exercise that anyone can do is walking. Even if you have some slight disability, or if you hate sweaty exercising, then a good walk is an excellent way to get some cardio fitness, and while it does not burn as many calories as more vigourous kinds of exercise, it is of course very safe and can be done almost anywhere and anytime. If you enjoy walking, then of course be sure to vary the places that you walk to. Don’t just trudge along the same road that you walk to work every day, visit the mall, try a low-level ramble, or, for the more adventurous hill-walking or even  mountaineering can be very fulfilling – if that sounbds appealing, then please chekc out for more advice. Given that you normally walk for several hours at a time, the fact that walking is a low impact exercise, is not an issue because you will burn a lot of calories because of the time that you are in the open air.

If you do belong to a gym, then ask yourself if you’re really getting the best from all the resources that it has to offer. Are you able to make your workout routine more interesting by varying it, perhaps by trying different machines, spending less time on the treadmill and more time on the stair stepper for example.

If mMotivation is a problem, then why not get yourself a gym buddy or hire a personal trainer? It doesn’t have to be expensive, only to schedule one or two sessions, and they can also help you get the most out of your workout time. For example, if you like to use the machines then they can tailor a suitable workout program for your needs whether it be lifting weights or more intensive cardio workout. Can’t find the right equipment to use? Maybe you should move onto a larger gym that has more options. Sometimes, a change of scenery will be enough to give you a mental and physical boost.

 So, hopefully these little tips have been useful to you and have helped to highlight the importance of varying your workout regime. Remember, there’s an endless variety of choice when it comes to exercising. The important thing is to start doing something, even if it’s only some light exercise as long as you do regularly you will start to see results. Once you start seeing results, that in itself is a major motivational factor and you will be encouraged to do more and more varied exercise which combined with a sensible eating plan will enable you to lose weight very effectively.

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