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Personal Injury Claims for Sports Injuries

This is a guest post by Stewart Bain, a consultant who handles personal injury claims in Scotland.

Hands up anyone who’s ever had an injury playing sports or down the gym. Probably most of us I would guess. And what did you do about it? Spray on some freeze-spray, apply an ice pack no doubt. But what about injuries that are more serious than knocks and sprains. What about broken legs? Dislocated shoulders? These kinds of injury can keep you off work for weeks or months, they can even lose you your income. What then? Well, maybe its time to consult a personal injury claims specialist.

Although it’s definitely not a fun process, going through the rigmarole of finding the right claims specialist is necessary if you want to win a personal injury case and get the right amount of settlement. You should also remember that be pursuing a claim you will also be doing your part to make things safer for the next guy. But remember, also, that a personal injury case is often a hard one to fight, hence the need for an experienced claims specialist. Don’t expect your gym or sports complex to hand over money without a fight so my advice is look for someone who has a proven track record (no pun intended)  in this field, ensuring that your case will be handled with the right degree of professionalism and efficiency.

You should interview several claims specialists before choosing one to represent you in your personal injury case. Be sure to take advantage of free consultations to help you choose the right one and, during these meetings, be sure to ask about fees and any other expenses you can expect to incur. Most claims specialists these days, especially the reputable ones will work on a no win no fee basis.

Its tough to do at the time – your mind is on other thins – but try to take lots of pictures and take notes at the scene of your injury. These will go a long way to supporting your case. If you cant take photos get a buddy to do it for you, but try and get it done  immediately to make sure you get accurate pictures. You might not need to see a claims specialist immediately after an accident, in fact in most cases the injury soon goes away, but if days go by and things are not improving, then its time to seek medical and legal help.

It’s essential to find out about the policies of those at fault for there may actually be a more than 1 policy you can make a claim against. If you make this request and the other party is not forthcoming, you can obtain an affidavit to force their cooperation but, in any case be sure to get the legal wheels rolling right away following an injury. Waiting too long might make your claim null and void, so speed is a virtue in any personal injury case.

Make certain to get contact information for all witnesses to your accident. These witnesses be a great asset in court for you to prove your case. Be sure to get as many contact details as possible because It can be difficult to locate these people when the date for your trial finally arrives.

If you have sustained a sports related injury, you may sometimes feel overwhelmed by the number of people involved in your case, and things can often seem out of your control but, again, with the help of the right team alongside you, your chances of a successful claim are usually pretty good. Hopefully, the information in this article coupled with the recommendations of your doctor and attorney, should help you get a positive outcome.

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