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Here we go again!
The founders of OXIGENO Fitness are no newcomers to the fitness industry.In fact we have done it all before, and many times too. From previous successes building a chain of fitness centres throughout Scandinavia, we decided to branch out online and OXIGENO Fitness was formed, bringing a fresh approach to fitness and health.

Fitness and health for everyone
The OXIGENO Fitness concept applies to everyone. No matter what your lifestyle we can help you improve it. No peer pressure, no unrealistic goals, just real people wanting to have real fun.

World class know-how & Team Facts
OXIGENO Fitness is run by a team of dedicated fitness competitors who have competed at world level. Our leader Steven says: “My experience was inspirational for OXIGENO Fitness Centres, fitness has always been my life and I just want to encourage others to enjoy their fitness too.” The OXIGENO Fitness team have high hopes for their successful brand – plans for fitness centres are already well underway.

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